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U.S.ASIAN AEROSERVICES LTD. was founded on one simple principle; provide a Global Approach. Our logo symbolizes bringing the very best industry practices together to provide effective solutions, products and services that are tailored for our customer’s requirements.

The USAA team of professionals; having years of experience in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, bring a unique approach to finding the optimum solution that works for our clients whilst offering efficient, safe, fiscal results.

USAA believes that our in depth understanding of global aviation brings innovative solutions that elevate the expectations customer satisfaction. 

If you are looking for original, practical solutions for your aviation enterprises, USAA is the answer.


Mission Statement

USAA is dedicated to providing premier customer service gained through  years of international experience, knowledge and dedication achieving a standard of excellence that enables USAA to exceed our customer's expectations. In promoting and fostering safe and efficient operations, USAA leads the way for aircraft support and facility development activities.

USAA pledges to commit our resources in providing the best possible service.

Aircraft Ground

Support Equipment

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