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USAsian Aeroservices produces the finest compressor wash equipment for corporate turbine powered aircraft on the market.


Our machines are designed from OEM requirements; hose diameters,  fluid volumes at given flow rates and the correct delivery pressures.

These machines are computer designed, components are computer laser cut for precision then hand crafted for final assembly.

All machines are Quality Assurance inspected and tested prior to shipment.

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  • Compressor Wash

  • Desalinization Rinse

  • Power Recovery Wash

Standard features include;

  • Manufactured primarily of stainless steel.

  • Pressurized using a standard shop air compressor.

  • Ability to regulate air delivery pressure and solution flow rate as per OEM requirements with enclosed or aftermarket wash wand.

  • All internal fluid and pneumatic lines are hard plumbed

          therefore no rubber hoses to wear out. 

  • Stainless steel enclosure to keep the machine clean internally by

          reducing exposure to dust, dirt and other contaminants.

  • Oil Water Air seperator to minimize risk of introducing contaminants from shop air.

  • Solution filtered prior to delivery to engine. Filter easily removed for cleaning.

  • 6 foot ( 2 meter) stainless steel wash wand included.

  • Easily adapted to aftermarket wash wands.

  • 2 year waranty with full aftermarket support.

      3 Models Available


-6.   PT-6 and Very Light Jet Class engines. 

         Portable *


-24. PT-6 up to mid size engines. Fully Portable.


-36. Larger engines for Gulfstream and Global    

         size  aircraft. Fully Portable.


 *  For multi-engine may require shop air hose

     to be attached during operation.


If you have questions regarding which model is applicable for your aircraft click on an item above or simply contact us.




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