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Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

 U.S.Asian Aeroservices manufactures ground Support Equipment designed to keep your aircraft and engines in optimum condition!


Having the right ground support equipment when you need it helps to ensure your aircraft is available...when you need it.


Proper equipment can also contribute to extending the performance of your aircraft, ensuring warranty compliance and maintain the value of your aircraft.


U.S.Asian Aeroservices manufactures the finest equipment available in it's class.

Our equipment is designed to meet airframe and engine manufacturer's maintenance requirements by being built accordingly.


Components in our equipment are Computer Aided Designed, Computer Laser Cut and 

hand crafted for precision fit.   

Each unit is hand assembled and Quality Assurance Inspected by a separate department during assembly and prior to delivery.

We include a two year warranty and full after market support.

Custom Support Equipment:

If you have a specific requirement please contact us for a quotation.

  - Carbon Fiber Autoclave

  - Metal Laser cutting and forming

  - Chrome Plating

  - Hydraulic Test equipment


Thank you. You will recieve a reply within 24 hours.

Compressor Wash Equipment.

Covering engines from the PT-6 series turboshaft engines to the Gulfstream G650 Turbofans.

Aircraft Tail Stands

Our Tail stands are lightweight and  rugged.


They are designed to stabilize the aircraft during jacking or maintenance evolutions, baggage handling or poor weather conditions where an aft C.G. may be unavoidable.


Built with a stainless steel center post and cradle. The tripod is assembled from laser cut parts,

primed with two part epoxy and finished with our durable royal blue "hammer finish" paint.


Current model is designed for the Cessna Citation Mustang. This is a basic tailstand.

A solid state audio alert sysem is under development and will be available soon for future models

and as a retrofit to this basic model. 


Tail stands for additional aircraft models are in development.

Personal requests accepted.


Trim Tab Free Play Check Tool

Trim Tab Play is extremely hazardous.

  Loose or Vibrating trim tabs increase wear of hinge points and actuating mechanisms which may develop into surface flutter. Trailing edge play of the tab may increase resulting in an unsafe flutter condition.

  Primary control surfaces are very susceptible to wear, fatigue, and deformation due to buffeting airflow over the trim tab.

  In comparison to other control surfaces on an aircraft, the trim tab system can only tolerate minor wear.


  Careful inspection should be completed in accordance with manufacturers

guidelines or during annual and overhaul inspections.


  Our Trim Tab Free Play check tool is designed to accurately measure free play in trim tabs or control surfaces as a result of worn hinge points or linkages.

It is an invaluable tool in ensuring the safety of your aircraft.

$ 175.

PT-6 Fuel Nozzle Removal Tool

  Nylon Tool to quickly disconnect PT-6 fuel manifold lines without marring the line or the nozzle

plastic Y.jpg

$ 1.00

Aircraft Ground

Support Equipment

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